Frequently Asked Questions

What is LewdFlix?

LewdFlix is an online gaming platform that allows you to play adult games directly in your browser.

Which devices does it run on?

LewdFlix is compatible with all devices, operating systems, and most web browsers.

How do I start playing on LewdFlix?

Simply choose a game, and tap on play button. It's that simple!

Do I need to signup?

Most games are accessible without requiring an account. However, some games may require you to log in. You can create an account through Patreon.

I am Amazed. How does this work?

LewdFlix leverages advanced web technology and WebAssembly integrated by game engines to bring games to your browser.

Can I play the games offline?

No, LewdFlix is designed to be played online. Online play is efficient for your internet data, similar to streaming videos on platforms like YouTube.

How do I install LewdFlix application?

LewdFlix offers a Progressive Web App (PWA) that can be installed on any operating system, including iOS. To install it, open the website in a modern browser and look for options like "Install App" "Add to Home Screen" or similar.

The game didn't work. What should I do?

  • Ensure you are not in incognito mode.
  • Try refreshing the page a few times.
  • Clear your browser cache if the issue persists.
  • If the problem continues, report the issue using report button report bug Play Adult Erotic Porn Games Online available on each game.

There are very limited games, and I can't find the game I want to play.

If you can't find the game you want to play, please post your request in our Discord server.

Are these games compressed?

Games on LewdFlix are not fully downloaded, so traditional compression concepts do not apply. However, compression is done to make games web compatible, reduce server load and minimize buffering/latency.

Which device/browser is recommended? What are the minimum requirements?

We recommend using the Chrome browser for the best experience, as it is the most advanced. While iOS is supported, it's considered experimental. Other devices are fairly supported. Ensure your device has more than 2GB of RAM and a good processor for optimal performance.

Why is my storage getting occupied?

LewdFlix caches game files to ensure faster loading times. To clear these files, simply clear the cache of your browser.

Where are my save files located, and are they safe?

Your save files are securely stored in both your account's cloud storage and your browser's cache memory. To ensure they are safe, do not clear your browser cache before exporting your saves.

How can I sync save files between different devices?

You can log in to your account on another device for automatic synchronization of your saves. Alternatively, you can import and export save files using the ☰ button on the top left corner of each game.

Is LewdFlix free to use?

Yes, LewdFlix is free to use. However, to support the platform and cover cloud server fees, we will introduce a subscription system, including a free tier.

Will there be advertisements on LewdFlix?

As LewdFlix is an online gaming platform and not a game distribution website, in-game ads do not make sense, at least for now.

I want to support this project. Where and how can I do that?

We will be setting up a Patreon page soon for those who wish to support our project.